Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Adventures in a Different Epoch; or otherwise entitled, This One's For You, Allison!

A few weeks ago we traveled to Kansas City to spend a day at the Renaissance Festival. Clint and I went to a festival near Charlotte years ago, and we were very pleasantly surprised to find that it didn't measure up to the one near Kansas City.

When we went in Charlotte, we were basically in an open field area with stalls and shops set up in groups, and entertainment in a few central locations. This festival's setting was clearly a permanent undertaking, with buildings and an intricate web of paths winding around the shops and eateries, all sprinkled with stages and spots where shows were going on or characters would accost festival-goers with random Antiquated English conjectures and conversations. (I say "antiquated" because they were not actually using Middle English, even if the beer stalls were labeled "Chaucer's Ale"...I've read Chaucer in Middle English, thank you, and a few thees and thous don't mean you're speaking Middle English!)

Ahem. Sorry.

We really enjoyed the performances we saw, which ranged from simple acapella singing to a full-blown joust. Unfortunately, I don't have pictures of the performance Clint and I enjoyed the most, called "The Wench Show," but I do have a jousting picture. We were on the side routing for Sir Geoffrey, the black and silver knight.

A particular highlight for the kids was the "ride" where they got to try their hand at slaying a dragon. They sat on a wooden horse which was lowered and sent flying along a rope toward the dragon. The object was to get the lance they were given through a ring where the dragon was smoking from the mouth.

Benjamin, receiving a bit of help (shhh, don't tell him that, ever) did indeed "slay the dragon."

Preparing for battle.

The approach.

Being knighted.

Sophia seemed particularly enamored with the fairies, as well as the very loud and gifted Queen, who paraded through the streets with a royal entourage. They each picked out one souvenir; Benjamin came away with a tshirt that says "Dragons Fear Me" (very appropriate, and he's really proud of his prowess), and Sophia picked out an ocarina. Besides my oh-I-cannot-resist-it! hooded Canterbury U sweatshirt, Clint and I got matching medallion necklaces from the Quick Silver Mint booth, where you pick out the engravings you want and they print the medallions out for you, and literally in front of you, by raising a 150 lb hammer nine feet in the air and dropping it onto the mold and medallion beneath. So, we each picked something out from the impressive catalogue of designs, and the necklaces were our anniverary gifts to ourselves.

We had a great day, and although the drive was pretty lengthy (about four hours each way), it was well worth it.


Small Swirling Planets said...

You're going to be VERY close to the Sterling renfest when you live in Syracuse, you know! I don't think it's quite as big as this one, but it's tons of fun.

I miss you, baby!!!!!

Sam said...


Your kids look great! It makes me misty-eyed to see how they've grown. I'm glad you all are keeping busy and having a good time!!!!! WE MISS YOU! COME AND SEE US SOON.

p.s. I'm reading about William Blake and alchemy right now . . . and practicing my knitting . . . I have a book about knitting that you must see. It's called Dominitrix, and it's all about Forcefully Mastering your Knitting and MAKING THE YARN DO WHAT YOU WANT IT TO DO. It's pretty funny.

By the way, I don't know whether or not you Yoga, but you'll still find this funny. I read a review in Bitch magazine about a new take on Yoga called "Praise Moves." It's marketed to Christian women who think Yoga is a "proselytizing arm of Buddhism" and want to stretch for Jesus instead. Positively sickening, although it's pretty damn funny! The author has coined a new term: "Godly fitness." Are we headed for a Puritan Renaissance? ARRRRRRGH. Give me pagans, please. . .

Love you all!!! More hugs from Sam

Adogg420 said...

This is GREAT! not only is it a new episode but it's DEDICATED TO ME! life doesn't get better, a little whining will at times, take you far! :o)