Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday - {This Moment}

I love how much she loves books, and bookstores. I love that we can share that. Her ever-widening mind is a joy and wonder to behold. Every day.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I've been feeling a lot like this recently. The days are getting cooler and it's been drizzly and gray off-and-on outside, and I mostly feel like hanging out in my house. Looking toward winter and hibernation.

And speaking of hibernating, it will that much more cozy this winter, because we're having a wood stove insert put in our fireplace in a couple weeks. Exciting! We had three face cords of wood delivered last weekend, so we're ready for a few cold months, anyway.

Now I just need to focus on the other instinct I'm feeling strongly: cleaning, organizing, and arranging my house in a more efficient and inviting way.

I'm really a homebody at heart, and I like it that way.

Monday, September 20, 2010

The Tomten not just a very favorite, magical children's book character! It's also a very squee-worthy Elizabeth Zimmermann sweater pattern that I managed to complete over the weekend. YAY!

I made one for Benjamin first, because while Astrid Lindgren's book about the Tomten who lives on a farm and visits all the animals is pretty much adored by all of us, Benjamin has always been especially enamored with him. It was his go-to, most requested book for a very long time. Also, he's the smallest, and sometimes starting small is a good idea.

Incidentally, I really wanted to name any future additional daughter Astrid, but Clint vetoed the name. Can you believe him?!?!?!?!


Benjamin was really excited when I had him try it on. He says he really likes it, which is of course what any knitting mama wants to hear, and bless his little ninja boy heart for at least faking enthusiasm for my benefit. All I have to do is sew in the zipper now. I made several mistakes and it's not perfect or in the best yarn, but I'm still pretty ridiculously pleased with it. Especially today, when I've accomplished almost nothing but can look happily at it lying on the table and pretend I'm not a lazy, unmotivated slacker.


Friday, September 17, 2010

Friday - {This Moment}

Had my stylist cut bangs. Celebrated 11 years with that man of mine. Bought a new french press. It was a good week.