Monday, December 1, 2008


We put our tree up last night, and the cat is having herself a grand old time climbing it and laying in the middle branches, casually batting a paw at nearby ornaments from time to time. The kids are getting excited; there are plays at school coming up and cookies to bake and ornaments to make and there is snow on the ground.

We had neighbors over for Thanksgiving...lots of neighbors. Five adults and eleven children filled our house, and it was wonderful. I love my neighbors. Right now their husbands are deployed to Iraq, so it was nice to be all together, with the kids playing and being loud and jolly. Clint even successfully carved his first turkey.

So that's pretty much what we're up to here. Work takes up a lot of my attention, unfortunately. Holidays in retail suck a little of the general joy in mankind the season should be bringing, but I'm thankful for the schedule they give me (because it could be so bad, really) and the extra paycheck that is helping us along with holidays and another Big Thing coming up, and also for the fun coworkers I have. So we'll be spinning madly through December, and hopefully come January I will be slowing down and be more "present" in other areas of my life. I'm looking forward to that.