Monday, March 30, 2009

Long Time, No Type

But quite a lot has happened around here. First of all, we bought a house and moved into it. I really was set against buying, but Clint was very determined and we were somewhat unhappy with our renting arrangement (mainly just about the money) and so I find myself in a house that we purchased. It's a 1923 bungalow, and I do love it. It feels very strange, though. I confess to having moments of feeling extremely claustrophobic about it all. Until now, it has always been relatively easy for us to pick up and move wherever with very little notice, and I have to say I miss that. I feel rather tied down now. But the house is great. There are some things that need fixed up, but nothing we can't handle.

What else? Good things first, I think. Benjamin turned six!! This seems supremely shocking to me, but maybe that's just a Mama Thing. We had a party for him at the house which he enjoyed very much, and made me extremely tired. He dressed up as Indiana Jones (he wants to be an archaeologist now) and ran around in the brilliant 60 degree weather with his friends. (Oh, that brilliant weather? Today it is snowing. Hmph.) He received lots of Bakugan and some Ben 10 stuff and Indiana Jones Legos (his newest obsession) and the last season of Avatar.

He recently picked out a group of 3 chapter books to be read aloud, beginning with Bunnicula, and both kids are enjoying them very much. Sophia is reading the first Harry Potter book on her own and we're slowly reading through Coraline together. The kids are also both into board games now, which is very fun and means we can have family game nights.

Our other big news is that Clint will be leaving for Afghanistan some time in July for a 12 month deployment. As you can imagine, we are gearing up for that in various ways and it will no doubt only get busier from here on out. I plan on using this blog a lot more...hopefully Clint will have some sort of internet access over there and using this blog to post about our days will seem like we're sharing it a bit more with him -- and with you too, of course.

Right now I have to go get dinner out of the oven and settle a dispute about which movie to watch, though. :)

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