Monday, July 28, 2008

in which I am beyond pathetic

Yes, somehow a huge chunk of time has passed me by, and I haven't paid a bit of attention to this blog in the meantime. It's pure laziness.

We have been having a good summer, though. It's funny, but summer has always been my least favorite season. (I am not a fan of Heat, and I don't cope very well with sweltering temperatures.) But summers here, in Northern New York? Have me definitely rethinking that preference. It's just gorgeous here on a sunny summer afternoon. I'm used to humid river valleys in the summer. And then there was last summer, in Missouri, when walking outside actually felt like being slapped in the face. There was that day my car's temperature gauge read 112 degrees, too.

I heart you, Northern New York.

So, we've hit the Renaissance Festival at Sterling (where the Masked Man and the Faire Maiden had much fun and even rode this camel!), went camping with Sarah and her kids, toured Genessee Country Village with them, spent a lot of time outside, and enjoyed the wonderful free splash park here on base with lovely friends. The kids are seriously thriving here; the neighborhood is awesome, and they have Best Friends who live just a few houses up to play with every day. I can't believe our good fortune, or quite how much I love it here.

Here's some gratuitous picture spam.

Benjamin chases a chicken at Genessee Country Village.

Sophia rocks the Faire Maiden look at Sterling.

Spalsh park fun.

And now I can feel like I have accomplished something in terms of this blog. And vow to update more often, and soon.

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